MYKK Enterprise continues to ensure our customers succeed through exceptional leadership, training and performance. We don’t just say it, we mean it. We are committed to quality. MYKK Enterprise is a provider of quality cable assembly and wire harness solutions realizing significant cost savings to our customers. Quality Customer Service We believe customer service is our business. MYKK Enterprise has a solid reputation built on attentive and responsive communication.we have made it our priority to:

  • Understand the customers’ goals and objectives
  • Communicate openly, often and continuously
  • Be flexible and daptable Be a market leader in on-time delivery

Custom Electrical Harnesses Wire Assemblies

We manufacture electro-mechanical harnesses and electro-mechanical wire assemblies to your unique specifications.From complex electronic harnesses to simple discrete wire assemblies, we provide the custom cabling systems you need.

Industry-Wide Specialty Harnesses

  • Computer Systems
  • Aerospace Machines
  • Military Applications
  • Medical Devices
  • Custom Networks
  • Automation Systems

Specific or Equivalent BOMs

  • Tyco Connectors
  • Panduit Connectors
  • Molex Connectors
  • JST Connectors
  • Sensors
  • LEDs
  • Switches
  • Capacitors

Custom Needs & Requirements

  • Quick-Turn Expert Manufacturing
  • Production Board Design and Build
  • Custom Packaging
  • Custom Bundling and Designator Labeling

We contract-manufacture small prototype quantities as well as complete production runs.

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